Superintendents’ Annual Meeting

At the beginning of every year, RGV LEAD hosts a special meeting for superintendents and their leadership teams. The purpose of these Annual Superintendents’ Meetings is to provide school district leaders with an overview of initiatives planned for each year and to encourage active participation in planned events.  At this meeting, RGV LEAD also provides superintendents with copies of relevant publications and other resources, including but not limited to these:

  • RGV LEAD Annual Report: The annual report provides an overview of all RGV LEAD initiatives conducted during the past year.  This report provides additional information about various initiatives, highlights recipients of scholarships and partner-excellence awards, and describes RGV LEAD’s funding and ways to become involved.
  • RGV LEAD Regional Data Report: RGV LEAD contracts with the University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Education Research Center to provide an analysis of the effectiveness of the programs and initiatives offered by RGV LEAD.  The Texas ERC was created through work of the Texas Legislature, providing oversight for use of data in a manner that complies with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.  The Texas ERC obtains statewide data from the Texas Education Agency, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Texas Workforce Commission, then organizes student data into cohort groups that allow the evaluation of outcomes for groups of student as they move through education and into the workforce.  The Texas ERC report utilizing unique identification codes to identify student cohort groups.  The resulting regional report allows the RGV LEAD Board to evaluate progress on achieving the goals of the RGV LEAD strategic plan and the Academies of the Academies of the Rio Grande Valley.  This work by the Texas ERC provides RGV with these unique resources:
    • A comprehensive report that compares progress of college-and-career-focused students with their non-focused peers on the performance indicators in RGV LEAD’s strategic plan.  (The Texas ERC also provides a narrative report comparing outcomes for students participating in the Academies of the RGV with their non-Academy peers).
    • Individual data files for the region and individual school districts, which RGV LEAD staff utilize to create individual reports for all RGV LEAD Partner Districts.
  • RGV LEAD Regional Labor Market Information Report: RGV LEAD’s regional labor market report provides an analysis of the Valley’s labor market, identifying the current “best jobs” in the region as well as emerging occupations.  This report is designed in a way to be especially useful for educators in planning programs and providing counseling and advisement for students and their families.  RGV LEAD’s labor market report is updated biennially.