RGV Mentors

RGV Mentors utilizes a “life coach,” comprehensive style of mentoring to ensure that participating graduate high school with a college and career-ready mindset. RGV Mentors matches Mentors (successful community professionals) with Protégés (aspiring high school students) to prepare young people for today’s skilled workforce.

RGV Mentors includes two components:

  • School-Based Mentoring, designed primarily for high school freshmen and sophomores, although junior and senior students are allowed to participate. School-Based Mentoring engages students in dialogue with college, business, industry and/or community representatives. High school students are supported as they identify and pursue goals that will lead them to success in post-secondary education, in careers, and ultimately in life.
  • Community-Based Mentoring, which focuses on RGV Mentors Protégés who are juniors and seniors in high school. RGV Mentors Protégés participating in the Community-Based Component are participating in mentorship activities outside of the high school campus, with Mentors who are business and industry representatives. Adult mentors are carefully selected and follow a curriculum designed to help guide and enhance the Protégés’ experience. The resulting relationships may continue well beyond high school to ensure that Protégés ultimately fulfill their ambitions and develop into citizens who will give back to their communities.

An RGV LEAD Executive Board chairs the RGV Mentors initiative.