RGV LEAD Scholars and RGV LEAD Scholarships

RGV LEAD scholars is a graduate-recognition program developed and managed by the RGV LEAD Board. Tens of thousands of students have graduated with honors through the program since iet began in 1999.  Participating in RGV LEAD Scholars encourages high school students to develop college-and-career graduation plans and successfully complete those plans.   A student must fulfill these requirements to graduate as an RGV LEAD Scholar:

  1. Complete all courses required for the Foundation High School Program with at least one endorsement.
  2. Complete the high school portion of a six- or eight-year program of study that includes, in high school, a coherent sequence or two or more career and technical education courses for 3 or more credits.
  3. Complete at least two college-level courses as part of the student’s high school graduation plan.  Each college-level course must meet all of the following requirements:  (1) must be a career and technical education course taken for high school credit; (2) must be either an articulated course for which the student has earned a grade of 80 or better or a dual-credit course for which the student has earned a passing grade; and (3) must be a course that is included in a college-and-career-focused program of study graduation plan.
  4. Complete a declaration of intent to be an RGV LEAD Scholar.

Every year RGV LEAD presents a $5,000 scholarship to an outstanding student who has graduated as an RGV LEAD Scholar and charted a path to success in higher education through participation in the college-and-career-focused programs promoted by RGV LEAD.  Graduating as an RGV LEAD Scholar is a requirement for competition for the RGV LEAD Scholarship.

A brochure with additional information about the RGV LEAD Scholar program is included in the Resources section of this website.  A Declaration of Intent form is also included for those who need that resource.   The RGV LEAD Scholarship application is posted in the Resources section during the time that the scholarship campaign is open.