Dawn Delao Quinn, IT Professional

My name is Dawn Quinn. I am a retired IT professional. Currently, I contract out IT services and develop websites.

  • The IT professional world is very large. So, you need to take time to research your IT interests. This will take approximately 3 months to do an adequate job. Pick out the top 3 interests. What kind of education is required? How long will it take?  Do you have the resources and time?
  • Think outside if the box.  Decide which part of the world you would like to work. Europe, Asia, South America, North America. Are the IT requirements the same in all countries?

Personal Presence

  • Make your personal presence known to the world at large. Purchase your own domain. For example, Gary Sheng – @garysheng.com  Then build your web presence – http://www.garysheng.com/.
  • Social media is very important to establishing your presence in the professional world. Start with a well developed LinkedIn account and Twitter account.

Stay ahead of the game

  • Always stay ahead of the game. Work on your interview skills. What are the top 10 ten questions asked in professional interviews?  If possible, talk with other IT professionals. 

Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer

  • Volunteer. And volunteer some more. Volunteer for the causes that mean the most to you.


  • Research BICSI. Very important. Study and study some more.  Pass the test.