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RGV LEAD’s initiatives operate regionally in the Rio Grande Valley (Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, and Willacy Counties).  Many RGV LEAD regional projects have been in operation for many years; for example, the A•L•A Summer Educator Externships, in 2003.  New initiatives are added to support RGV LEAD’s mission to improve college-and-career outcomes for Valley students; for example, RGV LEAD Student Ambassadors began in 2014.

RGV LEAD’s initiatives are all cross-sector collaborative projects, with partners including school districts, colleges and universities, business and industry, and government.   The work of RGV LEAD staff in the various projects is like that of the project manager in a joint venture:    RGV LEAD brings the partners together in projects which multiple partners collaborate to achieve mutually agreed-upon goals.  RGV LEAD evaluates all initiatives, operating in a continuous-improvement mode.

RGV LEAD’s work expedites the flow of communication across sectors—business/industry, public schools, colleges, universities, and other partners—linking the region’s education and economic development systems in collaborative partnerships through which the various organizations understand one another’s goals and work together to achieve jointly-defined outcomes.  Data indicates this approach is working to improve outcomes for Valley students.

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