Instructions for Young Entrepreneurship Challenge 2020


Young Entrepreneurs of the RGV Process & Timeline PDF
YouTube Instructions PDF

1. Prepare the pitch video and Lean Business Plan files.

Before you upload the video to YouTube, make all final edits and finishing touches, and then convert it into a proper format. Most programs that can edit video, can export to multiple formats.  YouTube supports many formats. MP4 is the most popular.

2. Log in to your YouTube account.

The YouTube account has its own channel attached to it. Sign in to the account that is associated with the channel that you want to upload and post the video. If you already have a Google+ account, you may have a YouTube account already set up. If not, create one.  Verify the account.  Upload the team video to the account.

3. Add the details.

Upload the team video to the YouTube account and add details.

Title the video using the team number and school campus name. For example, Team 32 Sharyland High School. Add additional details.

Title:  Team # Campus School Name
Description:  (1) ISD Name; (2) Team Member Names separated by comma; Sponsor(s) Name.

4. Choose Privacy settings.

Very important.  There are different settings for your video. Public videos can be searched for and viewed by anyone. Unlisted videos are only accessible to people who know the exact video link. Private videos are unlisted and can only be viewed by viewers that you designate. These users need to have a Google account to access the video.

For the Entrepreneurship Challenge, the video posts MUST be Public.

5. Send team video link and share your video (if you want).

Send the team video link to:  Dawn Quinn – [email protected]
Copy to team sponsor(s) and [email protected].

6. Adjust any advanced settings.

Click the Advanced tab and review the options. You can choose to disable the comments, disable video responses, change rights ownership, choose to notify subscribers, and more.  Recommend disable comments.  

The team title, description, etc. will be saved when your video has completed uploading. When the bar is 100% filled, the video is posted on the YouTube account. It may take a few seconds before the video plays back until the video is converted and optimized. But shortly, you’re ready to go.

Remember.  Send the link to Dawn Quinn – [email protected] and copy team sponsor(s) and [email protected].

Download Young Entrepreneurs of the RGV Process & Timeline PDF.


Email the completed Lean Business Plan and YouTube link to [email protected].


To reduce the size of videos and upload time, you may decide to use a video compression app before upload.  Check video quality after compression.  YouTube does use a specialized algorithm to compress posted videos.  MP4 is the one format that will give you the best results once YouTube’s transcoder is done with it.